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About ExpertGuide

Hi All, Thanks for visiting the Expertguide blog.

We provide all the information regarding the French bulldog

In my home, I have these two dogs, that’s why I started a blog in January 2023 to share the information and recommend the product I use.

Our Goal

Our main aim is to provide instruction and essential care guides. We are not a veterinarian and the instruction provided for you is from my experience as a dog owner.

About Me

My name is Jeffery Robinson from Texas, United States Founder of Expertguide.com. 

I am the person behind the expert guide blog. I just started to share some values with you, but now our family is getting bigger.

Our team is getting bigger each day.  I am also a partner of another blog name mrfishexpert.com

It was one of the best blogs that provides detailed guides and tips about the fish. If you love to do fish keeping then check out the blog.

For Business enquiry: jeffery@mrexpertguide.com

My Story

When I was walking through a street, I found some dogs who are waiting to waste that dump from the hotel.

When they dump waste in the garbage, they are searching for food. On the side of the garbage, I found three puppies in unhealthy condition and immediately bought milk and pellet feed for them.

They are very hungry to eat the food. But when the mom dog came, she barks at me.

I was worried because it was my first experience with a dog.

After some days, I can’t find them near the garbage. 

So I decide to buy a dog. I bought a French bulldog in the last of 2019. 

In the beginning day, it was difficult to care and they will start barking every time. I don’t get any expert advice, but I start to research more about dogs online and found one blog that inspired me to start a blog about pets.

Now I have two dogs (A French bulldog and a german shepherd).  I thought it was a good idea to provide instructions and information for keeping the dog healthy.

That’s all about me.

If you want to contact me, then fill out a contact us form.

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