Ear Infection is also known as Otitis Externa, a common infection found in every dog, particularly hairy and floppy ears. Ear infections are excruciating for dogs; they feel discomfort and rub their ears every time to relieve pain.

The main reasons for French bulldog ear infections were Bacteria, Ear mites, Allergies, Ear canal shapes, Yeast, Tumors, etc. The symptoms of ear infections are fever, ear pain, rubbing, difficulty sleeping, and fussiness.

If you find any symptoms in French bulldogs, you need to see a vet or check the ears of French bulldogs for inspection of ear infections. Another reason for ear infection was due to poor caring and grooming of the dogs.

In this detailed guide, you’ll learn about ear infections in french bulldogs, We have included topics such as causes, and symptoms.

What Is Ear Infection in French Bulldogs?

Ear Infection

Ear infections are common conditions or infections found in dogs with floppy and hairy ears. There are three ear infections in dogs Otitis externa, media, and interna. Most of the dogs have Otitis externa ear infections.

Otitis externa: Otitis externa is an external ear canal inflammation and a common problem or condition in every dog. The main reason for otitis externa is allergy, parasites, foreign bodies, etc.

Otitis media: Otitis media is an inflammation of the middle ear structures. The main sign of otitis media is head shaking, rubbing, or scratching in the infected areas of the ear. Poor caring and grooming were the reasons for otitis media.

Otitis Interna: Otitis interna is an inflammation of the inner ear and the main signs of otitis interna are ipsilateral head tilt, spontaneous horizontal or rotary nystagmus, and peripheral vestibular disease.

What are the Causes Of Ear Infection

Ear Infection

These are the list of causes of ear infections in french bulldogs. The major reason for ear infections is due to poor care and grooming of the dogs.

Bacterial Infections

Bacterial Infections are the most common problems in dogs’ ears affected by otitis. Other bacterial problems associated with otitis include Pseudomonas, Proteus, and Streptococcus. Some signs of bacterial infections are Ear scratching, head shaking, odor, pain, etc.

If you find any signs on the dogs, consult a veterinarian for proper treatment and diagnosis. The Vet can examine the ear to analyze the bacterial infection in the French bulldog’s ear.

Yeast Infections

Yeast infections are common ear infections in dogs like French bulldogs and many other breeds. It was caused by to overgrowth of yeast called Malassezia due to several factors such as Moisture, ear anatomy, allergies, etc.

The main signs of yeast infection are head shaking, redness, inflammation, etc. If you found a yeast infection in the french bulldogs then you need to consult a veterinarian for treatment.

Allergies (Food, Environmental, Contact)

Allergies are the most common problem in every dog and some dogs may have ear infection problems with allergies such as dust, pollen, mites, mold, etc. Allergies may increase inflammation in the ear and increase the production of earwax.

The main signs of ear infection due to allergies are Scratching, rubbing, head shaking, etc. The veterinarian can identify the problem associated with allergies in dogs, so you need to consult a vet when you see the signs of ear infections.

Ear Mites

Ear mites are tiny parasites that infest the ears of French bulldogs. Ear mites are scientifically known as Otodectes cynotis. The main signs of ear mites are itching, scratching of the ears, redness, and a mixture of ear wax and mites. Ear mites can spread from one dog to another and untreated ear mites can become secondary bacterial infections in the ears of French bulldogs.

If you find any signs of ear mites in french bulldogs then you need to consult a veterinarian for proper treatment to avoid spreading.

Moisture and Humidity

The extra moisture inside the ear can become an ear infection and increase bacterial infections. If you don’t provide good caring and grooming then french bulldogs will have ear infections due to moisture and humidity.

If you find any ear infections in french bulldogs then consult a veterinarian for better treatment. Untreated ear infections will result in deafness, balance issues, and scratching problems on the ears.

Hormonal Imbalances (e.g., Hypothyroidism)

Hormonal Imbalances are found in dogs due to ear infections. It was a disease known as Hypothyroidism. The signs of hormonal Imbalance are Redness, Odor, and Scratching. You need to consult a veterinarian for Hormonal Imbalance treatment in french bulldogs.

Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune is an inflammatory condition in the inner ear of French bulldogs. It includes Lupus, Hemolytic anemia, Pemphigus, etc. It was difficult to differentiate from disease to allergies because it was similar to ear mites infections.

Genetic Predisposition

Genetic Predisposition was found in certain breeds like German Shepherds, basset hounds poodles, etc. The main reasons for ear infections are long ears, narrowed ear canal, and excessive ear canal hair.

Your dog needs to consult a veterinarian for a proper solution. Provide proper care and ear cleaning to avoid these types of ear infections.

Poor Ear Hygiene

Poor Ear hygiene is the most common cause of ear infections in french bulldogs. Without grooming and proper ear cleaning french bulldogs may have ear infections. Untreated ear infections may lead to other complicated problems and disorders in french bulldogs.

What are the Symptoms Of Ear Infection

Ear Infection

Below is the list of symptoms of ear infection in french bulldogs. You need to provide proper care and consult a veterinarian for ear infections when you find the symptoms. Untreated ear infections will lead to complicated problems and affect the health condition of french bulldogs.


Head-shaking is the most common symptom of ear infection in french bulldogs. The ear infection tends to be itchy and produces inflammation and discharge will trigger the dog to head shake. An ear infection occurs due to bacteria or yeast build-up in the inner ear of dogs.

Scratching at the Ears

It was normal for dogs to scratch the ears as a routine, sometimes the dogs may constantly stop and paw their ear due to ear infections. It was mainly due to bacteria and yeast infections and increased inflammation in the ears may be itchy. If your dog has an ear infection then consult a veterinarian for proper solutions.

Ear Odor

Ear odor means massive ear wax buildup in the French bulldog ear. Ear wax builds up mainly due to allergies, yeast infections bacteria infections, etc. Proper ear cleaning and grooming will reduce the massive ear wax and inspect the ears every three days.

Redness and Swelling

Redness and swelling are the most common symptoms of french bulldog ear infection. The french bulldogs will scratch and rub on the ear due to ear infections. If you inspect the dog ears, you can see redness near the ear infections.

Discharge (Pus, Blood, Waxy Discharge)

When you see the dog discharge ear wax and cloudy fluid or pus draining from the ear, the middle ear infection called Otitis media is the reason for fluid building up in the ear. The French bulldogs may have pain while the discharge of waxy or pus.

Tilting Head or Holding Head to One Side

The French bulldogs will tilt their head or hold their head to one side every time due to an ear infection. The French bulldogs are tilting or shaking their head for relief from the pressure of ear fluid build-ups.

Sensitivity to Touch

When French bulldogs have an ear infection they may try to avoid the owner touching their ears due to uncomfortable and pain. Sometimes they may show aggressive signs when you touch them. 

How to Hometreat Ear Infection in French Bulldogs

Ear Infection

The best way to treat a french bulldog ear infection is by consulting a veterinarian because they can inspect the ear infection types and stages and provide proper solutions for eliminating the infection from french bulldog ears.

In the beginning stage, you can treat the dog by cleaning, drying, warm compress, and dietary changes. I don’t recommend to treat the dogs or animals at home. But you can clean and dry the external parts of the ear. 

If the infection is inner or otitis media, then you need to consult a vet because they will clean and provide medicines for infections and untreated ear infections may lead to various problems and infection spreading.

How to Prevent Ear Infection in French Bulldogs

You can prevent the french bulldog ear infection through regular ear cleaning, drying, ear protection, allergy management, and regular grooming. If the french bulldog has an ear infection or symptoms then you need to consult a veterinarian for proper treatment. 

Ear cleaning and grooming are important for every dog to survive and prevention from disease and infections. 

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Can a dog ear infection heal itself?

It was hard for dogs to heal ear infections because the ear infection would not go away from dogs without proper treatment. If you wait for long untreated ear infections will lead to major problems such as hearing loss chronic issues etc.

If your French bulldogs have ear infections, consult a veterinarian for proper solution and treatment. You need to clean the ear regularly and groom it.

How long do dog ear infections last?

It depends on the type and stage of infection. In the beginning stage, the ear infection will be treated and cleaned up within two weeks. If the situation is critical then the dog may need surgery and it will take months to clean the inspection.

Are ear infections harmful to dogs?

Ear infections are harmful to dogs because they can spread from one dog to another. It would be very hard to resolve the ear infection if it was critical and the dogs would be shaking their heads and rubbing and scratching the ear due to pain the itching.